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Soil Sages is a unique blend of rigorous mathematical precision and the wild beauty of nature. It was born out of a shared passion for plants, food, and the mathematically intricate patterns that exist in nature. We are Christian Hägg, a mathematician with a green thumb, and Ragnvi Ganström, a gardening and cooking enthusiast. We joined forces to create a space where our diverse interests could intertwine, much like the roots of the plants we love to grow.
Christian's love for mathematics and nature led him to explore the intricate patterns found in plants. He brings this knowledge to the blog, elucidating the complex mathematical structures inherent in the natural world and helping our readers understand and appreciate the hidden beauty of their own gardens. His love for carnivorous plants, in particular, led to a series of fascinating articles exploring the world of these natural predators.
Ragnvi, a seasoned gardener and chef, brings the art of cooking and gardening together in a unique blend of flavors and colors. Her love for edible flowers and her innovative approach to culinary creations is reflected in her articles, where she explores the use of flowers in creating dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Her knowledge about the cultivation and usage of edible flowers provides our readers with unique recipes that bring a touch of nature’s beauty to their tables.

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